Cagliari Airport Taxi
Cagliari Airport Taxi
Cagliari Airport Taxi
Cagliari Airport Taxi

Cagliari Airport Taxi

All You Need To Know About Cagliari Elmas Airport (CAG) Taxis

If you are planning on visit Cagliari, which is the capital city of the Italian island of Sardinia, then one of the main transportation options for getting there is via Cagliari Elmas Airport, also known by its International Air Transport Authority code of CRG or just called Cagliari Airport. The facility is located about 4 miles (roughly 7 kilometers) from the center of the city, and there are taxis that can take you from the airport directly into Cagliari quickly and at a decent price.

Taxis are charged per car rather than by the number of passengers, so the fare should be the same regardless of whether you are traveling on your own or whether you are with a group of several other people. One of the main perks of using a taxi is that you have a private ride with just your companions, compared to having to share public transportation like buses with strangers. Your luggage will also be secure in the trunk of the taxi, which is better than struggling to find space for your suitcases if you decided to use public transportation.

After you have cleared passport control at the airport and have retrieved your bags, look for the signs within the airport terminal directing you to the taxi pickup area. Here you can find drivers for several taxi companies that will be able to take you to your destination in Cagliari.

On average, the journey from the airport into the center of the municipality should take you about 15 minutes, although it can be quicker or longer depending on traffic levels. Traveling outside of rush hour times when traffic levels are highest will make the taxi ride faster.

The typical fare for a standard taxi ride from Cagliari Airport into the city center should cost a base rate of €25, excluding any tip that you might want to give the driver. You should feel free to challenge any driver that tries to scam you by saying the fare is much higher.

Some drivers might try to make more money off you by requesting that you pay fees which are not required, so it’s useful to know the times when excess charges might apply. If you are getting a taxi late at night, on Sundays, or on bank holidays then you might be subject to additional fees. And if your flight is arriving in the evening, you could be required to pay increased nighttime travel fees which usually apply from 10pm until 6am.

If you are traveling with bulky items then you might have to pay an additional fee for some of those items. You are allowed to put a baby seat in a taxi without pay any fees, although you must alert the taxi driver or an airport employee that you need to do this. Other large items, including golf bags and surfboards, can be taken by taxi at a fee of €5 for each item.

Cagliari Airport Taxi Rank
Cagliari Airport Taxi Rank


(average charge – all included by a Cagliari Airport Taxi) From Cagliari Airport CAG.

Geremeas€ 80,0040.3 km37 min
Pula / Nora€ 80,0041.1 km38 min
Iglesias€ 90,0052.4 km43 min
Santa Margherita di Pula€ 90,0049.4 km44 min
Torre delle Stelle€ 90,0044.3 km43 min
Solanas€ 90,0049.3 km49 min
Chia / Domus de Maria€ 110,0056 km50 min
Villasimius€ 110,0062.6 km 58 min
Costa Rey€ 120,0065.4 km55 min
Carbonia€ 120,0067 km53 min
Portovesme / Portoscuso€ 130,0074 km59 min
Muravera€ 140,0079.4 km1 hr 2 min
Oristano€ 150,0090.3 km1 hr 2 min
S. Antioco€ 150,0082.4 km1 hr 5 min
Porto Teulada / Porto Pino€ 150,0074.3 km1 hr 13 min
Calasetta€ 160,0092.3 km1 hr 17 min
Porto Corallo€ 160,0086.1 km1 hr 9 min
Piscinas / Costa Verde€ 180,0056.9 km55 min
Narbolia€ 210,00113 km1 hr 11 min
Arbatax/Tortolì€ 250,00146 km1 hr 53 min
Nuoro€ 320,00175 km1 hr 48 min
Sassari€ 350,00212 km2 hr 20 min
Orosei / Cala Gonone€ 390,00212 km2 hr 16 min
Alghero€ 400,00225 km2 hr 41 min
Olbia€ 450,00269 km2 hr 48 min
Costa Smeralda€ 550,00289 km3 hr 11 min
Marina di Capitana€ 55, 0027 km32 min

Cagliari Airport Taxi Tips

Taking a taxi from Cagliari Elmas Airport into the center of the city of Cagliari, or wherever else you are staying during your time on the Italian island of Sardinia, can be an affordable, safe and fast option for the journey. You will be able to avoid the waiting times and crowded vehicles that you might get when using public transportation, and you have the security of knowing you are traveling alone or just with your group, with your luggage secured in the trunk of the taxi.

Although most of the taxi companies that service Cagliari Airport are honest, there are sadly a handful of disreputable drivers who will try to scam you out of money. That’s why it can be useful to know some top tips about getting a taxi from the airport into the city, because it might not only help you avoid falling victim to fraud but also make the journey much less stressful.

Potential scams to avoid when taking a Cagliari airport taxi

One scam that some taxi drivers will use is taking you far out of your way to get to your hotel or other accommodation, because the ride is charged by time and distance. To prevent falling for this scam, you should research and print out details of the fastest route from the airport to your destination so that you can challenge the driver if it appears they’re taking you out of the way.

Another trick that drivers try is handing foreigners back the incorrect change from their fare, so you should always carefully count whatever you’re given in change after a ride. If there are any problems you should immediately bring it to the attention of the taxi driver.

You should also avoid anyone who approaches you within the airport terminal and claims to be a cheaper taxi service, because these are almost always unlicensed and unapproved taxi drivers. Getting a ride with these drivers is a major risk, because many of them are uninsured and if you suffer an accident then you won’t be able to claim any damages from the driver.

Advantages of pre-booking a taxi from Cagliari airport

Pre-booking your taxi can help you to avoid any scams, and also ensure that you have a very smooth journey from the airport into the center of Cagliari. Several taxi companies service the airport and therefore you can choose from a number of them, and call them before your flight to negotiate a fare for your journey, with a dedicated driver waiting for you after you land.

Having all of the details of the ride worked out in advance, including the fare and route, will go a long way to preventing the driver from being able to take you out of your way or charge you more than you should be paying, because you will know all of these details before the ride.

Another advantage of pre-booking your ride is that you’ll do it through a specific taxi company, which means that it anything goes wrong during the journey then you have a dedicated point of contact with the taxi firm, and you can use that to address any concerns about the ride.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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