Cagliari Airport Transportation

Getting to the city center from Cagliari Airport and vice versa is not a very difficult task considering the short distance of the journey. There are several modes of transport available for one to travel to and from the airport with to various locations within Sardinia Island.


Buses offer the cheapest option of public transport. There are buses travelling from the airport to the city center every half hour. These buses can be used to gain access to the train station from where one can then travel to various locations within the island.

There are two bus stations within Cagliari Airport. The first is located outside the arrivals area and buses operating from this stage start operations from 8.40 in the morning to 11.30 at night. The second stage is outside the departures area. Here the first bus is at 5.20 in the morning and a bus departs every half hour until 10.30 in the night. A one-way ticket costs €0.67 to the city center. Tickets are purchased before boarding the bus and can be found at the newsstand for the arrivals stage and at the MacDonald’s for those using the departures stage.

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Taxis can be obtained from the taxi ranks outside the terminal. Taxis offer a more flexible means of getting to the city center. Taxis are slightly more expensive but offer a 24-hour service. The taxis come with charging meters. The price of travelling to various locations is negotiable but generally goes up at night.

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Several car hire companies offer these services from the airport. This option offers a comfortable means of touring the Island of Sardinia. Vehicles can be obtained over the counter at the airport or pre-booked before arrival.

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There are train services from the airport the train station located 5 minutes from the airport.

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