Cagliari Airport Train
Cagliari Airport Train
Cagliari Airport Train

Cagliari Airport Train

Since June of 2013, the Cagliari Airport Train has made travel easier in this destination. Each day, over 50 trains arrive and depart from the Cagliari Airport train station. It connects the airport with Cagliari as well as other areas of Sardinia.

Cagliari Airport Train

How to Get to the Cagliari Airport Train Station

If you are coming from the Arrival Terminal, look for the yellow signs that say, “To Trains.” Head straight up the long hall up to the elevators. You can get on the two moving conveyors to take you to the train station, or take the elevator. Either will get you there though if you have lots of luggage in tow, the elevator might be best.

On your way to the Departure Terminal, it can be a rough time if you’ve got a lot of luggage because there’s no elevator when you get off the train. But there is a long conveyor that you can take to the parking building. You can choose to go outside or take the escalators to the elevated tunnel.

Each will take you to the train, however the first track takes you to the Arrival Terminal on the ground floor. The second one takes you to the Departure Terminal on the first floor. Elevators can bring you to either of these floors in this area. You will also find places to eat and shops to spend your time while you await your departing flight in this location.

Cagliari Airport Train Times

It is only a five-minute walk from the terminals to the Cagliari Airport Train. The trains depart the Elmas Airport Railway Station (or Elmas Aeroporto) every 20 minutes from the hours of 5am to 11pm. Once on the train, it will take you 6 to 8 minutes to travel to Cagliari. This station is centrally-located near the city center as well as the ferry port, allowing you easy access by foot to these places.

Cagliari Airport Train Tickets

It is easy to buy a train ticket when taking the Cagliari Airport Train. You will find ticket vending machines right inside the Arrivals hall and in the train stations. If you would like to save yourself any confusion and make sure you have your train tickets ahead of time, you can purchase them online. The fare for a single ticket costs € 1.30.

If you experience any problems or have question, you can contact Trenitalia at 89 20 21 when in Italy. You can also call +39 06 68475475 from abroad to have your questions answered ahead of your visit.

Cagliari Airport Train FAQ

After your flight has landed, you have cleared passport control and collected your luggage, follow the signs for the airport station or simply ask a member of staff for directions. The train station is located underground, and there are escalators and elevators available to use.

The train station is located just a five minute walk from the main Cagliari Airport building.

A one-way ticket will cost you €1.30, making it one of the cheapest choices for traveling, but the exact fare will depend on where you’re traveling.

Once you have arrived at the airport train station you’ll see ticket machines available where you can pay for your journey. You can also buy tickets from machines located in the arrivals section of the airport.

Typically, the trains start around 5am each day and the last service is at roughly 9pm. Trains run very regularly and you’ll be waiting no more than 20 minutes between each service.

No matter where you’re staying, you can get to many other cities and other locations on the island using the airport train, such as Deciomannu, Olbia, Oristano and Sassari.

The cost and length of your train ride to other destinations on the island of Sardinia will depend on where you’re going. You can find out this information in advance by calling the train operator Trenitalia from overseas by dialing the telephone number +39 06 68475475. Or if you’re already in Italy, you can reach the train operator by dialing 89 20 21.

Yes, but on the most frequent service you will have to transfer twice and the journey will take almost three hours and 45 minutes, with the cheapest fare being €16.50. There’s another quicker route that should take just under three hours, but it only runs one time per day.

Yes, the best and quickest route only involves one transfer, and the journey lasts for an average of three hours and 15 minutes with fares beginning at €18.


(average charge – all included by a Private Transfer) From Naxos Airport.

Parikia Town (Capital)48€
Paros Port48€

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